Custom Home Construction

Trust The Experts

K & G Construction exceeds consumer standards for excellence. Our team has extensive knowledge of state-of-the-art and innovative building materials. We work with precision and ensure that the project completed is outstanding. We set the bar high for quality construction.

ozeran house rmeodel

Customize Your House To Fit You

At K & G Construction, we build homes that are customized to you. Our goal is to help you create the home of your dreams while also providing options so you can keep it in your budget. We make sure that every detail of your custom home meets an unprecedented standard of perfection. We don't stop designing until your every desire is seamlessly incorporated into your custom home.

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Turning Dreams into Reality

Our background in commercial contracting blends seamlessly with our residential work. Being able to work on such large-scale projects means handling any project of any size isn't just doable — it's what we do best. So go ahead and think big: we have what it takes to do the home remodeling you've dreamt of.

Quality Craftmanship

With 20+ years of experience building homes in the region, we're committed to delivering our customers a brand new home they'll be proud of. It will be constructed with high-quality materials and designed to suit your lifestyle.

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