Restaurant Construction

Experience You Can Trust

Building a new restaurant involves a deep understanding of what restaurants need to function well daily. K&G Construction has worked on multiple restaurant projects before, so we’re well-equipped to handle yours as well. Whether it’s building a new space or remodeling an existing one, you can rely on our contractors to get the job done right.

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A Service First Approach

A restaurant owner understands how important honest service is. Our team always keeps you informed on where we’re at in the project, and we’ll deliver on everything you ask. 

K&G Construction’s commercial and residential construction background means we’ve seen just about everything, so no project is too big or complex for us. We always find a way to get everything done your way.

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Creating an Experience Through Restaurant Construction

Building a restaurant requires consideration of a huge number of details. Luckily for you, we’re experts at handling the details. 

Because restaurants need to function as a business environment while being comfortable and inviting, each facet of the building needs to be approached with care. And that’s exactly what we do at K&G Construction — we can elevate what our competitors would build as a utilitarian restaurant to an exciting dining experience.

No Surprises When We Drop the Bill

Construction as a whole isn’t known for being open and clear about budgets, materials, and timelines. But we’re here to change that. We’re nothing if not honest, and we know that transparency is key to creating quality work for our clients. 

Part of our mission as contractors is to be the go-to commercial business contractors for trustworthy services that stay on task and deliver your project on your terms and under your conditions.

So, if you’re a prospective or current restaurant owner who needs a new restaurant or a restaurant remodel, give K&G Construction a call. Browse our other featured projects to see what we can do.

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We look forward to learning more about your project. To do so, please request a consultation so we can mutually learn more about your needs and expectations for your home.

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